by Doppälgängär

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released January 13, 2018

recorded and mastered by Henrik Borg
cover art by Ronja Olsson


all rights reserved



Doppälgängär Sweden

Timmy - guitar, vocals
Tobias - bass, vocals
Viktor - drums

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Track Name: Inexorable Pain
Hate me, I do too
Hurt me like you always do
Scorn me, I do too
See me, I am begging you

The chopping rhythm of fluttered breaths
and gullible views of flagrant dreams
keeps assaulting and sows dissent
before those still ambiguous eyes

Cold sweat soaked, racing heart
Darkness' bitter embrace
The gate is unlocked, wide open
Enter my new best friend

"I am doubt and grief", it says
"I am inexorable pain"
"I grow, i fester, i degrade"
"I hurt, i numb, i never leave.. never leave... "
Track Name: In This World, Not of It
I am besieged by the most cruel thoughts
Voices so foul in a fraudulent choir

This place is sorrows final home
This is where the anguish rules
Here sits confidences shattered throne
extinguished fires and tombstones

this abhorrent imagery rots the eyes like acid on skin
the thoughts all ache the brain like a shattered heart after love is lost
Track Name: Aokigahara (Sea of Trees)
Mournful desolation
Decrepit aspiration
Stone-cold, unyielding actuality
Withered lamentation
Wretched deprivation
Cruel, deplorable unforgivness

Beneath darkened clouds
Amongst betrayed dreams
My echoes are still unanswered
Like salt in open wounds
Track Name: Dreams in Dysthymia
Dreams in dysthymia
All dressed in thorns
Ceaseless iteration
A cursed subsistence

Wistful consciousness
of a senseless cycle
Pale blue dot shadowed by a mourning star

Views so hollow
A sky too shallow and a ground too yielding

Effort is fruitless
Intentions are toothless
No space to animate
Insatiable vacuity


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