The Coldest Sun

by Doppälgängär

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that spot on the wall sores my eyes though I have no reason to break my constriction a chronic beating drum sings life's somber song and emptiness remains as ambition passes by longing for that metronome to cease yesterday's sorrows drowns my hollowed within the momentary depressions have taken their toll and with the pain away just emptiness remains what's a future worth when there is nothing to share? what's there to do when there's no strength to endure? I said goodbye to all my plants but never walked away loveless breaths and regrets that I came to stay
in centimeters of death , only seconds away a rare moment of silence and serenity i close my eyes in a sunset-coloured flash that haunting feedback seems to be fading out the ecstacy of resolve crumbled faith in life a heart in thorns on display strained eyes shut close have I not lived accordingly? is there reason for this burden? mingled victimization and despair ever present neglected regrets surfaces I pause for a breath of second thoughts overwhelmed I recoil certainty snuffed out but redemption's too far to grasp and nothing here will be missed on tears shall be shed, no dictated remembrance one last breath before the plunge one final glimpse
lips are trembling, eyes sore and wet barely keeping it confined breathless, drained of strength knees are giving in to fight it is pointless its deceit runs deeper still vacant eyes staring at the sun no warmth received destitute, desolate an expressionless face curtains my pain I am void of solace where is my incentive to endure? blurry lines, oily shadows textures are fading barren dreams, empty days mournful melodies it splinters the silence and leaves no comfort in its wake
a failure born and affliction still defines my face so pale I read their minds, distaste fills the void between the lines I envy them so, the perfunctory towards my own suffering damned austerity, discord and vexation substitutes my prospects sullen reality, too dismal to be real so cold a solitude, so cold... trauma of life, scarred to the soul no consolation, no purpose gained a loneliness I cannot translate the agony I cannot mend a jealousy I cannot blame stranded in despondency son of nothing frozen in every step, son of nothing


recorded and mixed in december of 2012 by gylfen and doppälgängär
album cover by Timmy Olsson


released July 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Doppälgängär Sweden

Timmy - guitar, vocals
Tobias - bass, vocals
Viktor - drums

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